Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I Made A Decission

I decided to find a real estate agent to help me find a house or condo. I am working with Karen K Lynch in Eagle Mountain, Utah because it will actually save me money and take a way a lot of stress.

I choose Eagle Mountain because it is a cool community geared to the active outdoors person with bike trails, parks and a lot more.

Look at this beautiful condo we are looking at.

I might just be the new proud owner!

What Should I Do?

Sometimes it is simple and easy to buy a house even if you don't have a real estate agent to help you. The truth is, many home buyers do prefer purchase properties without a real estate agent. If you would like to purchase a home with out a real estate agent, just watch the video below to discover how to purchase your next home minus a real estate agent.

Start by driving around your ideal location where you would like to live. Needless to say it a lot easier to have a real estate agent show you homes due to the fact they have several listings available to show you from the MLS, however if you simply wish to do it yourself start your car get looking.

Watch the video

Friday, 20 June 2014

Real Estate Utah

I want all of my friends and family to follow me on my exciting journey to buy a house! I will up date you here on this blog every day, well at least every week (LOL). So keep up with me if you can as I purchase my first home in Utah.

I see this morning that real estate agents are complaining about mortgage brokers etc, having too much control and say so with the sale of a house. Yes it is very interesting that real estate agents are talking about this.

So let me ask you this, does these real estate agents have a point or not?

I will put a nice down-payment on the house which will leave me paying less monthly on my mortgage. Sometimes I wonder if I'm mature enough to own my own home.

See next time...